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18 Apr

The life changing affect of a simple 15 minute operation is incredibly rewarding.

In 2014, Dida and his brother Avdi were charged with ten counts each of knowingly holding another person in slavery or servitude.Richard Tanner, chairman of the North Waltham, Steventon, Ashe and Deane History Society, believes the photograph was taken at Steventon Manor in 1944, but he would like to know more about it and is asking Gazette readers if they can identify any of the people in it.“Judging by the date and from the presence of so many senior people, it appears that the gathering is linked to Operation Overlord,” said Richard.In the early 12th century it was part of the manor of Odiham, but was granted by Henry II to his Marshall, William Fitz Adelm sometime prior to 1167 AD.The Liddell family became holders of the manor house in 1908.