Blogger blogroll not updating

06 Feb

Our blogs are generally crawled based on our update reputation.If we publish posts daily - but our friends only publish weekly - we're going to see our updates displayed weekly.It's so much fun when a blog has great content and a design that keeps me navigating fluidly from page to page.

You can use the filter option to show only one category at a time, or to show all your links.Watch the “Editing your existing list of links” video from Word If this page didn't answer your question or left you wanting more, let us know! For support, please use the forums or contact support form. When we investigate, the blog feed shows no problem. When we view a blog or website, what we see is subject to caching, on our computers. Our browsers don't waste time (and bandwidth) downloading content from every blog or website we may wish to view, without checking what's in cache - in our browsers, on our computers, and elsewhere.Now that you’ve created your blog roll, what’s the next step?What are the ins and outs of blog roll expectations?