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28 Jan

Her date clearly found it so hilarious that he was left in stitches, however he appeared to start choking on his food and caused both the staff at the restaurant and the other diners to look over in alarm.

Luckily, it appeared that Perry was okay in the end and the date seemed to go smoothly as the pair decided that they wanted to meet again and even shared a kiss at the end of the evening. #beef #First Dates."A second equally perplexed audience member wrote: "I"ll just have the beef steak!

Nevertheless, fans of the Channel 4 series were far from impressed with Bonnie was she was asked by a waiter what steak she wanted and responded with "beef". " Quote of the series @First Dates."While a third person added: "First Dates: Girl: which steak is the best/Waiter: the rump is great but so is the sirloin/Girl: I'll just have the beef one plz [sic]."Despite Bonnie and Perry hitting it off, the same could not be said for endearing duo Susie and Martin after they agreed to just be friends at the end of the night after what appeared to be a pleasant date.

Many people watching First Dates took to Twitter to hit out at Bonnie with one person writing: "#bonnie wanted the beef steak.. But it looked like history student Bree and Toby had better luck despite her disdain for men who played rugby, who she branded "t**ts".

Each diner is given £25 towards the cost of their meal.Perry, 30, started choking mid-way through his meal with Bonnie, 29, from Slough after she made a joke.Bonnie said she was a "Disney conisseur" as she did an impression of Sebastian the crab from the animated children's classic The Little Mermaid.Could we once again see something as crazy as the couple who met on the show 20 years after their first date?The new series of First Dates starts Tuesday June 18 at on Channel 4.