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29 Apr

Patterns such as "Old English Roses" started about this time. It is interesting to note the connection with Lawleys, a firm still in existence today, and operating in much the same manner offering exclusive patterns.

There was change once again with the 1935 backstamp, here all reference to the Crown China works had ceased, and instead the Bone China theme was taken up.

Wedgwood, being very cautious about luxury porcelains, chose not to go into bone china at first.

They let firms like Spode and Rockingham do the pioneering work. Many of the old antique bone china making firms have not survived to the current day.

Unlike the largely floral Franciscan Ware that would follow, El Patio designs were unadorned, monochromatic, and Art Deco in profile.

A new version of El Patio followed in 1935, while Coronado arrived the following year.