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13 Mar

Polston, a student in Zufari's Middle Eastern humanities class, has maintained that there is no evidence of him stalking Zufari and insists that she has made up the charges against him.In March, Polston was issued a summary suspension from Rollins College after a string of incidents, including questioning claims made by the professor in class, and asserting in an email that she has an "agenda" to silence him and that she is one of the most incompetent professors he's met.There are various reasons why your employer might dismiss you.If your employer is dismissing you from work or ending your contract of employment then you have certain rights to make sure the dismissal is fair.La serie che ha rivoluzionato il significato di dating show.Un po' ' Dismissed', un po' ' Boiling Points', un po' ' Punk'd', ' Disaster Date' è il peggior appuntamento al buio che si possa augurare al nostro più acerrimo nemico.Gulen denies being behind the coup but the authorities argue the purges are needed to wipe out his “virus” from society.In a separate decree issued at the same time, Turkey also banned hugely popular television dating shows, a move that been mooted for months by the government.

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You may be able to claim unfair dismissal if you can show that you weren't told about a relevant company rule or policy by your employer.

Istanbul, Turkey | AFP | Turkey on Saturday fired almost 4,000 public officials and imposed a ban on TV dating shows, in new decrees issued under the state of emergency imposed after last year’s failed coup.

The moves were the latest tough action by the authorities following President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in the July 15 referendum on enhancing his powers.

Volunteer attorneys come to some courts on eviction days and offer advice and limited assistance to unrepresented people.

Individuals do not have a right to a court appointed attorney in an eviction case (as people usually do in criminal cases) and these volunteers are not there to become your lawyer in the case, but rather to offer trial day brief advice and assistance.