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30 Apr

The OS 6 inch sheet (Glamorgan XL) records "human remains" as having been found on Stormy Down in 1870, near the southern limit of the so called "Danish Camp" but nothing appears to be known of these remains.The present burial lay some 350 yards North-West of this discovery.Ed Parker is credited with being the creator of modern Kenpo, putting on the biggest tournament in the world for years, the Internationals, teaching movie stars, including Elvis, and all manner of other deeds.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how true it is, but with the information I present in this article perhaps some one could let me know if they have any light to shed on the truth or falsity of it. As he was sorting the slip out for the warranty, he saw that he actually paid over R1000 for the weedeater. He got home and opened the box, but has not used the machine.Thanks are due to Major Lewis Rugg for acquainting the Museum with the discovery, to Mr Clements, his foreman at the quarry and to Mr G. Stacey, of Porthcawl for much readily granted help.Major Rugg kindly provided the necessary labour and has since deposited the finds in the National Museum of Wales.