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04 Mar

A bankruptcy discharge eliminates your personal liability for a mortgage loan but in most cases it doesn’t remove the bank’s lien on your property.

As a result, if you want to keep your home, you should continue making your regular mortgage payments during bankruptcy (keep in mind that some jurisdictions require you to make your mortgage payments to the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee as part of your repayment plan).

So, this makes a difference–in a high-trust, low-fraud country it generally is not necessary to invest in as elaborate security protections as elsewhere. With that background in mind, the WSJ article contains some interesting numbers relative to the optimal level of credit card security.

First, consider the size of the potential dollar size: But if the chip cards were used in the U. merchants and banks had 2012 losses of .3 billion due to credit-card fraud, or 5 cents on every 0 spent, according to the Nilson Report, a payment-industry newsletter based in Carpinteria, Calif.

The WSJ has an interesting article today on the Target credit card security breach.The detection member comprises a normally open electrical circuit when the door is closed and locked and includes switches for providing a current flow to the invalidating electromagnet upon the entry.At least one such switch is a normally open pressure switch mounted in wall of the case which closes when the entry to the case is through the wall, thereby providing the current flow to the electromagnet.Proving that a collection agency has refused to validate an unsecured debt is easily done by creating a paper trail.A credit card security device which prevents credit card and bank card fraud.