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29 Mar

I got everything because I did the right thing and the judge saw that.I make you sick but good things come to those that wait. Maybe if he wanted to leave he should have handled it differently.

You’re willing to short break in a no haven't heard peep.

Cute fat chicks need love too I'm really relationship shy. I am a stay at home mom but do work part time enough to pay what needs paid. My life and tastes are rather simple and uncomplicated. I know for sure I need a friend but not someone necessarily to swoop in and "save" me. I am a smoker although always looking for motivation to quit.

Even taking this step to post online is a difficult one for me. I'm not opposed to a social drinker but no alcohoics. I absolutely do not/will not tolerate drug use/abuse. With the right person I am very openly affectionate and a romantic. My weight is evenly proportioned and even though I am comfortable in my own skin, I'm not about to lie and say I'm happy with myself and don't ever want to change.

Please put "fate" as subject line so I know you're real. We met in middle school and were high school sweethearts. He walked away did not care about anyone other than himself. My lawyer was the only one who had my back and protected my and I.

Sexy grannies Kansas city Killington horny housewives dating parking lot Grand woman looking singles dating sites Jones I lived in an abusive household. We had everything planned out and we were supposed to spend our years living the life we worked so hard for. I was lucky to have found this great lawyer who said that I deserved more and was worth more. If he wasn't happy with the outcome then he shouldn't have been an a** and worked things out with me. If he is stupid enough to represent himself then he has himself to blame.