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13 May

Some of Posen’s muses recalled how they first met the designer. “And I was so excited, because I was a big fan, and actually, a couple of months before that I tried to come to one of his shows—this was a long time ago—and they told me they couldn’t accommodate me,” she added, laughing. “We have supported Zac in every single incarnation, and all the shows, and all the hip-hop bravado, and all that jazz,” he added, to laughs. )After dinner, the tables were moved to make room for dancing, which went on until late.

“I was doing Christian Louboutin’s flagship store opening, and Diane von Furstenberg was there, and she said, ‘Zac Posen really wants to meet you. “Anyway, I was really happy to meet him, and then he invited me to come to his atelier the next day, and he gave me a whole new wardrobe,” Von Teese said.“All of us here in this room are F.

A., but she still has a deep connection to her past.

She doesn’t necessarily go to church any longer, but she still considers herself to be spiritual, but rather than praying she meditates.

“I have spent the last three weeks decorating our house.

We have eight trees, we have a gingerbread kitchen,” Lee told VF Daily at a MAC Cosmetics dinner for Zac Posen on Wednesday. “I wasn’t raised with Christmas, so I celebrate it very much now.

Growing up, she went to two different churches, English and Korean.

She moved away from the church and her religion, when she moved to L.

Hope you can join us for a casual lunch and girl time!

Jim and I met through a mutual friend, thanks Dana!

Jim was hosting some out of town friends for the Harley 110th Anniversary. Jim and I later ran into each other at another party that same week, hit it off and have been together pretty much ever since. He came to visit me and while on a weekend off we took a train to Paris where he proposed.

But, yes, we do the house for holidays, and I have my family coming this Christmas, so it’s a special Christmas for me.”Eight trees? “I decorate all of them, and I buy all of the decorations,” she said.

“We have eight trees in our house in Westchester,” she confirmed. But I’ve been working on it for three weeks,” Lee said. “Even Andrew says, ' Oh my God,'” she said, laughing. Chow, was in celebration of Posen’s pre-fall collection.