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25 Apr

In 2004, a same-sex Malden couple was the first to marry in Massachusetts at precisely AM on May 17, 2004 at Cambridge City Hall.Massachusetts was the first state in the United States to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Right now we are living in a divided nation, led by a borderline sentient sun-withered sweet potato. It is only natural then, that we as a people would try and find one thing or another that could possibly unite us all.For America, it turns out, the one unifying factor?— “I’ve sacrificed everything to care for my parents: finances, relationships, home, health … Caregiving is both the most difficult and most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced. Already hundreds in Massachusetts and nationwide have shared their stories about the joys and challenges — as well as advice — about caring for those we love. — As they age, most people want to remain living in their homes for as long as they can. The AARP Home Fit Workshop, part of AARP Livable Communities programming, teaches people how to make modifications to their homes, thereby allowing them to safely “age in place.” Changes range from simple, no cost solutions to larger, more expensive retrofits.Join AARP Massachusetts at the Worcester Senior Center on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 10- …Just how buck-wild we get in the bedroom when it comes to sex.A recent list of the most popular sex positions in the country by state brought a smile to both my heart and vagina because when I'm feeling down, some talk about sex positions is almost always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. Doggy style is king Doggy style is the most searched position nationwide!

Between this, the fact that the WORST dude I've ever dated comes from Indiana, and the existence of Mike Pence, I'm gonna say that Indiana needs to get its act together. Massachusetts loves pussy Let us give it up for Massachusetts, who, alongside their good frenemy, prefer face-sitting more than anything else.

— All are invited to attend one of three upcoming FREE shredding events, brought to you by AARP Massachusetts!

According to the AARP Fraud Watch Network, shredding remains one of the best ways to safely dispose of no-longer-needed confidential documents — which is a powerful deterrent against ID (identity) theft. — The AARP-sponsored Changing Aging Tour will appear in Longmeadow, Chestnut Hill, Quincy, and Foxboro.

Communities are now granted the right to form their own regional compacts for sharing services.

Hampden County and Hampshire County together are part of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. The racial makeup of the county was 76.5% white, 9.0% black or African American, 2.0% Asian, 0.4% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific islander, 9.2% from other races, and 2.9% from two or more races.