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01 Mar

First, consider the schema shown below, modeling a home stereo system.It requires one of two configurations for sound amplification and then allows any number of sound sources in sequence. (Note that for simplicity in this example we're leaving out data type information and focusing on structure.

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If you leave the colon off, the XPath expression will not match.(In fact, one might define schema validation as no more than a special kind of transformation -- see van der Vlist.) We'll begin by looking at some common constraint patterns that W3C XML Schema does not support very well and then develop a transformation-based approach to solving them.We'll observe two examples, each of which it is problematic to implement in W3C XML Schema.They didn't do XML syntax highlighting, or highlighting of the nodes selected by the XPath query. I created this option as a simple and effective alternative. There's no "intellisense" for xpath functions, for example.They didn't allow the use of XML namespace prefixes in the query. It does more than the minimum, but it isn't cluttered with features. If you have an invalid xpath expression, this tool tells you that it is invalid, and also where and why it is invalid, but not what the valid thing ought to be.